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Rootstone: Music

Rootstone Jug Band

Do That Thing You Do

Cruel Slavery Days

(Rootstone Jug Band)
Edward Harrigan
We learned this tune from a 1929 recording by Fields Ward and His Buck Mountain Band.

Old Jim Canaan's

(Rootstone Jug Band)
Robert Wilkins 1935 ode to the boss of the Memphis underworld

KC Moan

(Rootstone Jug Band)
An outtake of Rootstone Jug Band playing the 1929 Memphis Jug Band classic, KC Moan.

France Blues

New Roanoke Jug Band

Grandin Village

(New Roanoke Jug Band)
January 2, 2008
PD, arr. by J. Griffin
NRJB rewrite of Memphis Jug Band's "Whitewash Station" brings it home to one of Roanoke's best neighborhoods.

Wish I'd A Heard 'Em

(New Roanoke Jug Band)
January 2, 2008
Scott sings lead. Jay sings harmony. Drew plays bass. Sam plays banjo.

I'll Be Rested