79 RPM Tour Diary #1

10.16.2008 After getting everyone on board the van (no easy feat at an early hour), we arrive at Camp Bethel and find hordes of kids, ready to move to the music. We unload a few cases and get right to it, some of us discovering that our voices sound different before noon. The kids are great - running, laughing and dancing is what kids are SUPPOSED to do! A great start to our 79 RPM tour. We are already happy and hungry. We stop in Buchanan at the Family Style Restaurant. Everyone there seems shocked by us. Now, we may not look exactly like everybody else in the town, but we sure looked fishy to the folks in the restaurant. In the end we acquit ourselves admirably, (we finish all of our food, say please and thank you, and didn't skip out on our tab) and have a great drive across US 60 to Richmond. A detour to Sam Ash music went slightly awry, so time was tighter than we expected, but at least we score a second harp rack and a bunch of kazoos. We meet friends and get ready for our show, in the second slot of a triple bill at The Triple in Richmond with Cole Sullivan and The High Street Lowlifes. It's a great place to catch a show and shoot some pool, and we were ready to play. The Jug Band engine got fired up, and folks were gasping at the primitive power we brought. "Oh my GAWD, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT" we heard one excited woman say. We played probably our best show ever - everything just clicked. Songs got stretched out a bit longer and it felt great. Sean's jug was finally mic'ed right and we all liked hearing it in the mix. Add to it the fact that our new washboard thumb protection system did the trick, and a full blown jug band juggernaut was unleashed right there Thursday night at The Triple. Many thanks to Scott's old W&M friend John Morris, and to Kelly Queener for their collective welcome and hospitality. A special shout out to Jonathan Ayer, who didn't just defy the odds being laid in the tour van, but shattered them by arriving, early, and armed with.........a JUKE BOX 45 copy of VAN HALEN - HOT FOR TEACHER! Friday we went record shopping, hung out with Kelly and feasted on eggs and potatoes, and readied for a rainy drive to Baltimore up US 301. We try and take back roads whenever we can. The rivers looked mysterious in the late afternoon mist. Our next installment will chronicle the tasty town of Baltimore.

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