Rke. Times music reporter Tad Dickens weighs in on Rootstone Jug Band show with Charlie Parr.” - Tad Dickens

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...'When My Time On Earth Is Done' presents a unique approach to old-time string band music and should be a welcomed edition to any serious collector of traditional music." Bluegrass Unlimited February 2008”

Bluegrass Unlimited

The band touts the new CD as the “first ever jug band gospel CD”. It’s hard to argue with that claim, but their interpretation of gospel is a bit loose. The liner notes say “The songs on this album explore life’s ultimate question from different perspectives. They express the full range of human emotions: hope and faith, doubt and regret, resignation and fear, and even defiant disbelief.” The selection of songs is both eclectic and satisfying, NRJB have done their research and handpicked songs that fit the theme of the CD as expressed in the statement above. There is an incredible variety of music here, from raw, almost primitive a cappella spiritual and jubilant tent revival gospel to remorseful country blues. Speaking of liner notes, the packaging of ”When My Time On Earth Is Done” is very nicely done. Pleasing to the eye and includes a six page booklet describing each song, its history, and the reason it was included. ”When My Time On Earth Is Done” has not left my CD player since it arrived last week, and has made it impossible for anyone hearing it to sit still. Now, I won’t claim that it cured that nasty cold I had, but I’ll have to admit that I have felt much better with each listen.”

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