Thankful for a Great 2013 

It's been awhile since we've written anything here, but we're still at it in fits and starts, keeping the primitive musical traditions of rural America alive. Thanks to Virginia Commission for the Arts we've been fortunate to perform all across Virginia in 2013, and look forward to visiting more places next year We have made some headway on a recording project and hope to get back around to completing it in the coming months, once we have the tape machine back in working order. Our most recent shows…

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Midsummer 2012 Update 

Howdy Friends We've been criss-crossing the great state of Virginia over the past few weeks, braving the summer heat to entertain great audiences from Franklin County, to Virginia's Northern Neck, to Northern Virginia. We hope to have news on recording progress in the next few weeks. In the meantime, please enjoy some videos of our 7/11/12 show in Annandale, Virginia. Thanks to Virginia Commission for the Arts for supporting many of our out of town performances.

Old Jim Cannan, learned from Robert…

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Two Videos Up from 5/15/11 at Studio Roanoke 

Thanks, Ron Bergeron and Star City Fame for coming out to our show on the 15th and shooting video. Here are two videos from the show. We hope you'll be there in person next time!
First, our slow drag take on Memphis Jug Band's 'Peaches in the Springtime'.

And 'Bootlegger's Blues' from the great Mississippi Sheiks

NRJB Epitaph - Download for Free 

It's been a bit over three years since New Roanoke Jug Band completed their final album WHEN MY TIME ON EARTH IS DONE These eighteen tracks captured the group at it's very best. Two previous releases had leaned heavily on guest stars (but what a cast of guest stars-Mac Traynham, Kirk Sutphin, Kinney Rorrer, Rusty May, Russell Harbaugh, and Jim Barnhill). This recording shows the band, on it's own (well, we used two bass players, since Andrew Thomas was in town and available when Jeff Hofmann wasn't)…

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Midsummer 2010 Update 

We spent much of the winter making improvements to our studio and undoing the haphazard way we moved in 2.5 years ago. The warmer months saw us get down to doing what we love best : playing music. We got heated up with a couple good runs of shows in June, and are excited to bring it to Floyd Fest 2010 with an early (10:30am saturday) show in the Dance Tent. After that, we'll be recording and lining up shows for the rest of summer and the fall And, oh yeah, if you care to know what we're up to or…

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2009 is nearly gone. What's Ahead? 

Thanks to those of you who came out to the show last Saturday.  It's great to play a room and know you're in capable hands, and Gary Jackson makes sure any act on the Kirk Avenue Music Hall stage sounds their best. It's great to have a room in Roanoke where music fans can really get to hear what they're paying for - and if it costs a couple dollars extra for the experience, few will dispute that it's well worth it. Kirk Ave's profits from beverage sales are donated to the Music Lab at Jefferson Center

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December 5th Show!! 

Greetings from Rootsone HQ here in the Star City. The unseasonably warm fall is yielding to the coming season, but Rootstone Jug Band is going to heat it up this Saturday night at Kirk Avenue Music Hall Since you last heard from us we've been holed up in the woodshed, working out some new material and recording some of your favorites. It has been quite a journey to discover that the best way to capture this band is LIVE. One mic, no effects. Just the five of us giving that tune everything we've got.…

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Rootstone Jug Band awarded VCA 2010-11 Touring Grant 

We received some good news yesterday. Virginia Commision for the Arts selected our very own Rootstone Jug Band for a touring grant. VCA presenters can apply for grant money to host a performance/program by the band. This is a great opportunity for us to reach audiences across Virginia, and we look forward to spreading our love of American Roots Music around.


We have been kicking off the new year by listening (some of us over and over and over) to Polk Miller and the Old South Quartette. Mr. Miller was a white musician who toured from 1892-1911 with an Afro-American Quartette, presenting audiences with a show depicting old times in the south. Half of the selections were recorded in 1909(!), and they are still captivating 100 years later We are pleased to announce that Rootstone Jug Band has begun work on an album to be completed in the first half of 2009.…

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