Scott Baldwin - Guitar, Vocals, other Jug Band implements

Scott started chasing this music in 1998 when he hiked the length of the Appalachian Trail (guitar and harmonica rack in tow) using the trail handle T-Bone Walker. A founding member of New Roanoke Jug Band, Scott now finds himself in front of the band. He presents a wide variety of fingerpicking styles from musical heroes, including Robert Wilkins, Blind Boy Fuller and Mississippi John Hurt (just to name a few).

Jeff Hofmann - Upright Bass

A stalwart on the Roanoke music scene, Jeff is the only member of the group who has personally been introduced to Boss Hog. Active in a number of groups, Jeff doesn't let his abundant talent and experience keep him from getting primitive with the jug band. His bass playing will knock you out, in a good way. For more info on Jeff's other pursuits check out:

Sam Lunsford - Banjo, Harmonica, Washboard, Guitar, Vocals, etc.

Go ahead, hand Sam an instrument, any instrument. Wait a few seconds and he'll be making music on it even if he's never seen it before. Sam joined New Roanoke Jug Band in 2006. He contributed mightily to the band's final release, WHEN MY TIME ON EARTH IS DONE, with great banjo and harmonica work. His harp playing on Burnin' Hell has generated more email than any other track we've done! Sam is active in a number of other bands, most notably as the leader of The Young Sinclairs

Paul, a native of Bland County, is the newest member of the group. He's a born musician. You can find him behind the drum kit with The Situationist and Mephisto Heat, practicing piano or doing heavy lifting in the recording studio. In the jug band we let him stand up and tuck his drums into his pocket. Scott knew he was a good choice when he helped him move his chicken coop and Paul correctly identified the one young chick that was a rooster.

John Thompson - Guitar, Banjo, Harmony Vocals

A native son of Franklin County, VA, it seems that John was born knowing how to pick a guitar better than most folks can after years of practice. He came to the group in an emergency situation, stepping in to do a big show with three days notice. It went so well that he opted to stick with it. His fine guitar work and singing are an important part of the Rootstone Jug Band sound.