NRJB Epitaph - Download for Free

It's been a bit over three years since New Roanoke Jug Band completed their final album WHEN MY TIME ON EARTH IS DONE. These eighteen tracks captured the group at it's very best. Two previous releases had leaned heavily on guest stars (but what a cast of guest stars-Mac Traynham, Kirk Sutphin, Kinney Rorrer, Rusty May, Russell Harbaugh, and Jim Barnhill). This recording shows the band, on it's own (well, we used two bass players, since Andrew Thomas was in town and available when Jeff Hofmann wasn't) taking aim at something too daring for most - interpreting some of the most classic primitive gospel tunes ever recorded. From now until the end of the month you can download this album free from or listen here :
<a href="" data-imported="1">Lord I Don't Want To Die In The Storm by New Roanoke Jug Band</a>.

We hope to have many more new offerings from Rootstone Jug Band and Rootstone Sheiks to share with you in the near future.